Out of the Groove Viewer's Guide

The Out of Groove Weekly Viewer’s Guide (formerly titled ROAR!) is a digitally-delivered, subscription-based magazine that provides readers with their weekly NASCAR fix.  

Out of the Groove Viewer’s Guide is NASCAR’s only free weekly digital magazine. It is published 40-plus times a year for desktop and tablets, but has been optimized for mobile devices. 

Out of the Groove Viewer's Guide

Out of The Groove Quick Facts

Published Weekly on Fridays

60,000 weekly readers

Exclusive Content

How OOTG Digital magazine delivers for its partners

A Companion to the Entire OOTG Platform

The OOTG digital magazine does not take the place of a website or social media; rather, it complements it.

It's Responsive - Meaning it is Built for Any Screen

Our digital magazine content fits the screen it is being viewed, which provides the best user experience.

Easy to Share on Social Media

Great content is meant to be shared with others. This platform allows readers to easily do so.

Fully Search Engine Optimized

This means that every word in every article is trackable by a search engine – which will increase views.

Tremendous Flexibility for Advertisers

Advertisers have the power to not only design to fit different screens, but also embed video, gifs and links in their ad.

Partnership Engagement Opportunities

Official Partner

Select partners have the opportunity to receive maximum coverage within each edition with branding appearing throughout each edition.

Interactive Advertising

Get creative. Design your ad campaign using GIFs or Video

Dynamic Advertising

Open this link on your phone and then on your desktop and see how it changes.


Amplify your message with editorial content within OOTG Weekly Viewer’s Guide.

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