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NASCAR 75th Anniversary


To commemorate NASCAR’s diamond anniversary, we introduce to you the only officially-licensed magazine to highlight NASCAR’s racing history — 75 Years of NASCAR.

Now is your chance to preorder your very own copy of the official NASCAR 75th Anniversary magazine. This collectable magazine will ship in February 2023.

NASCAR Pole Position

Since 2005, NASCAR Pole Position – an officially licensed NASCAR publication – has been your source for all things NASCAR, providing readers with original content and information on their favorite drivers, teams and tracks.

The Best Gift for a NASCAR Fan

NASCAR Pole Position + NASCAR 75th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine

Check out our “Ultimate NASCAR Fan Bundle” which includes the NASCAR 75th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine, as well as an annual subscription to NASCAR Pole Position. Plus, each bundle will get a bonus of Out of the Groove stickers while supplies last.

The Daily Downforce

Fueled by content creators, the Daily Downforce is a mobile-focused content platform that is quickly becoming a dominant news and information source in the NASCAR media ecosystem.

Out of the Groove YouTube Channel

Out of the Groove

A YouTube channel hosted by Eric Estepp with over 170,000+ subscribers that covers everything happening in the world of NASCAR.

Out of the Groove Viewer's Guide

Out of the Groove Weekly Viewer’s Guide

Formerly titled ROAR!, the Out of the Groove Viewer’s Guide is written for the modern NASCAR fan and provides a weekly digital digest (for mobile and desktop readers) of the most important information, trends, and storylines.

Out of the Groove Podcast Network

Out of the Groove Podcast Network

The Out of the Groove Podcast Network features NASCAR-oriented podcasts from some of the sport’s top social media influencers and journalists. OOTG podcasts are available on all major podcast platforms including Apple, Google, Spotify, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.