Ben Rhodes Is Keeping ThorSport in Contention for a Title

By Joseph Wolkin

As Ben Rhodes attempts to advance through the playoffs, the 2014 K&N Pro Series East champion is looking to use lessons he learned in the past to move forward. Now, the ThorSport Racing driver is hungry for a Camping World Truck Series title.

What does it mean to make the playoffs?

“The playoffs are the pinnacle of the season. Everybody tries to make the playoffs. It’s the part of the season that’s the make-or-break point. If you don’t make it, your year is over. You don’t have a shot to run at the championship anymore. Now that we’re in the playoffs, it’s a level playing field. We’ve had a lot of bad races that we’ve recovered from to get back into the playoffs. I still feel like we should be further up than what we are. This is going to be a great end of the year run for us.”

How would you evaluate your title chances?

“I think our title chances are the same as everybody else’s. Once you make it to the Final 4, it’s anybody’s race. Granted, some people have had better seasons than others, but once you make it to the Final 4, it’s all even and all the cards are on the table. Right now, I’m racing seven other people for this playoff position to make it to the Final 4. Anybody who doesn’t make it, I think that will be self-inflicted. We just have to limit the mistakes and we have to keep doing the same thing we always have.”