Book It! Dover Sprint Cup Race Predictions

Sprint Cup 18


The NASCAR Pole Position and ROAR! editorial, design and operation teams take a swipe at predicting this weekend’s Sprint Cup Series winner.

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Dover International Speedway
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series FedEx 400 Benefiting Autism Speaks Race Predictions

Staffer >> Winner
Jared Turner >> Kyle Busch
Jordan Dodson >> Harvick
Aaron Burns >> Kyle Busch
Jerry Bonkowski >> JJ
Ben White >> Kenseth
Alex Wong >> Ryan Newman
Dayne Maasdorp >> Dale Jr.
Chris Vita >> Kyle Busch
David Watson >> JJ
Jason Tedeschi >> JJ
Stacey Foster >> Kyle Busch
Nicole Cooper >> JJ
Dan Guttenplan >> JJ
Craig Baroncelli >> JJ
Maxine Rice >> JJ
Heather Allman >> Hamlin
Zach Harbold >> Dale Jr.


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