Book It! All-Star Preview



The NASCAR Pole Position and ROAR! editorial, design and operation teams take a swipe at predicting this weekend’s Sprint Cup Series winner.

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All-Star Race Predictions

Division Entry Winner
SAGES Jared Turner Dale Jr.
Jordan Dodson JJ
Aaaron Burns Harvick
Jerry Bonkowski Kyle Busch
Ben White Kasey Kahne
BIG TIMERS Alex Wong Kenseth
Dayne Maasdorp Dale Jr.
Chris Vita Brad K.
David Watson JJ
CREATIVES Jason Tedeschi JJ
Stacey Foster Kyle Busch
Nicole Cooper JJ
Dan Guttenplan JJ
Craig Baroncelli Brad K
YOUNG GUNS Maxine Rice Logano
Heather Allman Harvick
Zach Harbold Jeff Gordon