Lessons Learned at Pocono: No. 2

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Sometimes Rubbin’ Really Is Just Racin’

When Kyle Busch made contact with the bumper of Kevin Harvick as the two battled for the lead in the final laps at Pocono, it was natural to expect Harvick to be angry. After all, Harvick and Busch have a bit of a checkered history together. But with Busch celebrating in Victory Lane, Harvick was notably chill about the bump that ultimately landed him a second-place finish. “The only chance I had (to keep the lead) was to get into the corner correctly,” Harvick said. “I got in there and was loose all the way through the corner on entry and just kept holding the brake down, holding the brake down, holding the brake down, and finally, I’m sure (Busch) thought I was going to go, and I didn’t accelerate. I was trying to stay on the bottom to park the thing to get going, and he had a good run.”


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