Little Rappers Become Stars Through NASCAR


By Aaron Burns

Wearing a black bicycle helmet, black-and-silver shorts and a bright green shirt that says “Play hard, practice harder,” Caleb C. gets to work on another rap video.

This isn’t the type of rap video to which many are accustomed. For one, Caleb C. is still in his first year as a rap sensation, so he’s still learning his way in the business.

Oh, and he just turned eight on Sept. 1.

The star of “Little Rappers,” a group of kids who rap about NASCAR, Caleb has cornered the stock-car rap market. He produced his first video, “The NASCAR Rap,” on YouTube on Feb. 23.

Since then, he and little brother Sammy have gained national recognition, met several NASCAR stars and gained nearly 2,000 followers on the Little Rappers YouTube page.

But unlike many rising stars in the performing arts world, Caleb isn’t thinking about expanding his brand. He’s just having a good time.

He started out making golf rap videos, which also developed a good following.

“The weather wasn’t that nice one day, with a lot of snow, and we liked NASCAR, so we made a NASCAR rap,” Caleb said.

Does Caleb see a long career in his future?

“No, not really, just while I’m a kid,” he said.

As the Little Rapper fan base grew, Caleb and his family decided to move away from the golf scene and put together more NASCAR rap videos. The first one, which highlighted every driver in the Sprint Cup Series, has more than 60,000 views on YouTube.

Once they began producing race recap videos, the channel gained even more fan support. It’s enabled Caleb, Sammy and their family to visit tracks and even meet Caleb’s hero, Jeff Gordon.

Not bad for an idea that stemmed from bad weather.

Caleb and his family watch every race and gather ideas to include in songs. Once they find the right combination, the cameras roll.

Caleb takes it from there. He said there’s no sign of stopping in the near future, either.

“I want to keep making videos,” Caleb added, “and keep doing NASCAR videos for kids.”