YouTuber Eric Estepp Expands Partnership with A.E. Engine to Include New Out of the Groove Content Opportunities


Out of the Groove 2021 Season Preview

Eric Estepp, creator of the Out of the Groove YouTube channel, is expanding his partnership with A.E. Engine to scale the Out of the Groove brand into new content spaces, including podcasts and a weekly digital viewer’s guide.

Eric will be taking on the role of Editor in Chief of the Out of the Groove Weekly Viewer’s Guide. This digitally-delivered, subscription-based magazine, formerly known as ROAR!, features an expanded assortment of opinion and commentary, as well as even more content creators from around the NASCAR online community.

Through the expanded partnership between Eric and A.E. Engine, they have also secured the assistance of fellow YouTube creators and NASCAR historians for the launch of the Out of the Groove Podcast Network. The first shows on the network are the NASCAR Weekly Podcast, a live show featuring YouTube creators Danny B Talks, Black Flags Matter, and The Iceberg, as well as A Lifetime in NASCAR Podcast, a show featuring NASCAR historian reporters Ben White and Aaron Burns. These podcasts are distributed on YouTube and all major podcast platforms, and will also be featured in the weekly viewer’s guide.

“It’s great for OOTG to be expanding and reach audiences across many different media platforms,” says Eric Estepp, creator of Out of the Groove. “I’m excited to bring new voices into the fold so fans can hear multiple perspectives from some of the most passionate race fans in the sport. My goal has always been to create engaging content that deepens the connection NASCAR fans have to their favorite series, and this expansion will do just that.”

None of the cost of this expanded content will be passed on to the user, the Out of the Groove platforms are entirely sponsor supported. A.E. Engine has been working with Eric since 2019 developing new and creative content opportunities for sponsors and partners to enter the online influencer space. Since then, A.E. Engine has worked with over 30 clients helping them to enter the NASCAR online community, including Bayer, Jockey, and Lionel Racing.

The expanded Out of the Groove platform reaches the toughest, cord cutting audiences across social media platforms. A.E. Engine has developed the infrastructure that allows brands to not just advertise in fan content, but support and participate in the show through development and production, and appear authentically within the final content..

“Partnerships are everything. Not just for our content channels, but everything in motorsports. So our goal has been to innovate, to keep our programming fresh for our current clients, but also to always help new brands and partners really get excited to enter the space,” says Craig Baroncelli, founder of A.E. Engine. “By bringing digital creators like Eric together with everything from magazines to live activations to race team sponsorships, our partners can really get in there and support the fans, support the drivers, support the online community, all in the authentic, content-driven way you have to be doing nowadays.”

The Out of the Groove platform will expand throughout 2021, including the addition of new shows and creators to the podcast network, new custom content, and YouTube opportunities.