An Exhausted Kyle Busch Demonstrated How to Persevere

By Jared Turner

Kyle Busch started Sunday’s race red hot, thanks to wins in two of the past three weeks. He finished Sunday red hot, too — literally. After smacking the wall multiple times and struggling throughout, a 29th-place finish proved to be the least of Busch’s concerns when, immediately after the race, he laid down on the ground and had to be treated for a heat stroke. Thankfully, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver turned out to be OK. “After I first tore it up, it was just a handful from there,” Busch said of his damaged car. “Literally as soon as I did it, just coasting around under caution, I could feel it being about 50 degrees hotter inside the car. It just got so hot that you literally felt like you were going to puke and were just trying to make it to the end of the race, and luckily we did.”