Aric Almirola Counts His Blessings After Scare

By Joseph Wolkin

It’s been a few weeks since Aric Almirola stepped back into his racecar. The driver of the No. 43 Ford for Richard Petty Motorsports is not only thankful for his ride, but grateful to be alive after a scary incident at Kansas Speedway.

How much of a relief is it to get back into the car and not feel pain?

“It’s a huge relief. When you break a bone or have an injury of the sort of nature that takes you out of your day-to-day routine, that’s a struggle in of itself. But when it takes away from your job, especially when it’s something you’re very passionate about like I am with driving a racecar, it’s tough. It’s very challenging to not be able and do what you love to do. It’s been very nice to get back in the racecar and get back into the swing of things.”

How do you try to prevent something like that from happening again?

“You don’t. You really can’t. That’s the only way I can put it or be OK with it. It’s out of my control. I know I have to go out, do my job, and drive my racecar. If something were to happen again, it will happen again. But the chances, when you look back at our sport over the years, are slim.”

What are your expectations now that you’re back and healthy?

“I expect to continue to get better. We need to continue to try and improve on our finishes and the way we run throughout the weekends.”