Driver Feature: Mike McDowell Is Enjoying a Full-Time Ride


By Joseph Wolkin

It has been a transition year for Michael McDowell. His No. 95 team combined efforts with Circle Sport Racing to become Leavine Family Racing. Evidently, the move gave them a charter, and now, he is on pace for his best Sprint Cup season.

What’s the biggest difference you’ve seen since you joined the organization?

“The biggest difference is just going from part-time to full-time. Our first schedule was around 20 races, and then obviously being full-time this year. It’s been a steady increase. It takes a lot to go from 20 to 36 races. We had a lot of personnel changes, a lot of infrastructure and there have been a lot great things that have changed over the years.”

What’s been the biggest difference with the alliance between you guys and Richard Childress Racing?

“It gives us the information and engineering support. To be able to lean on them is a huge help for sure, especially for a small one-car team. Access to that information is really important. Applying all of it and being able to do all of it is a challenge for us. We’re trying to stay up to date with cars and bodies. As technology changes and as they update parts and cars, we need to stay on the same page. We need to continue to work at not falling too far behind.”