Driver Profile: Michael Lira Is on the Rise

Michael Lira 2

By Joseph Wolkin

Michael Lira began a new journey this past weekend at Iowa Speedway. The Florida native piloted the No. 15 car in the Xfinity Series, taking a giant leap from the ARCA Racing Series.

For Lira, who just turned 19 years old, the chance to move up into the NASCAR realm is one his family has worked hard for after starting an ARCA program in hopes of starting something special.

How difficult has it been for you to work through the rankings and make a name for yourself?

“It’s definitely not an easy fight to make it to the top rankings of NASCAR, and there’s not one simple way of getting there. I’m not someone who can buy the top rides in NASCAR, so I have to find sponsors and opportunities to drive. You can say it’s harder, but it makes it that much more rewarding when you get a shot at your dream, knowing that you earned it.”

What’s the biggest challenge of finding partners to fund your efforts?

“We’ve all heard about the struggle for sponsors right now. We’re seeing it all the way up to the Cup level. My strategy has been to keep up a strong presence on social media, remaining very personal with my followers and using as little PR posts as possible. I’ve been very blessed to have great marketing partners to get me where I am.”