Just Sayin’: Jeff Gordon Left the Door Open for a Return to Racing


By Jared Turner

Jeff Gordon Probably Isn’t Done Yet

Sunday’s race at Martinsville was possibly the final start of Jeff Gordon’s legendary career. The four-time champ, called on to help sub for teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. this season, didn’t deliver what would have been his 94th victory in NASCAR’s top division, but was in the mix all day long, ultimately coming home sixth at a track where he’d won nine times. So what’s next for Gordon? He’ll be back in the FOX Sports broadcast booth at next year’s Daytona 500 and the remaining portion of FOX’s NASCAR coverage that runs through June. And after that? Asked at Martinsville about whether he had any intentions of racing again beyond the weekend, Gordon told reporters, “Your guess is as good as mine.” And then he coyly added, “Never say never.” If Gordon had wanted to completely shut the door on the possibility of racing again, he could have easily done yet. But Gordon made a conscious and calculated decision not to do it. The only plausible explanation? He wants to race again … even if it doesn’t actually happen.

NASCAR Must Fix Timing & Scoring Issues

NASCAR came under fire Sunday when a caution flag right in the middle of a round of green-flag pit stops jumbled up the running order and resulted in the field being kept under yellow for an inordinate amount of time – 29 laps – while NASCAR tried to sort out everyone’s rightful position on the track. As confusing as the situation had to be for the folks in the scoring tower, there has to be a better way. Why not at least put the race under a red flag while the scoring issues are resolved? To leave cars on the track for that long under caution is an extreme disservice to the fans who pay good money to watch a race, not a mindless procession.