Just Sayin’: Junior Nation Is Looking For More From Gordon


By Jared Turner

A Gordon Win Would Boost Junior Nation

While Dale Earnhardt Jr. has sat out with concussion-like symptoms, Jeff Gordon has not surprisingly delivered solid performances in Junior’s place. But Gordon, a four-time Sprint Cup Series champ who retired from full-time driving at the end of last year, hasn’t been stellar. Gordon’s best finish in three races as Earnhardt’s sub is 13th. Although he’s completed every lap of competition run during his time in Earnhardt’s No. 88 Chevy, Gordon has not led a lap. So is it puzzling that one of NASCAR’s greatest drivers of all time has been so quiet during his stint as a fill-in for NASCAR’s most popular driver? While it might be nice to fantasize about Gordon coming in and not missing a beat, the reality is that no athlete in any sport is immune from having to knock the proverbial dust off. Perhaps that’s been the case for Gordon – or it could be the simple fact that Hendrick Motorsports is overall just behind Joe Gibbs Racing and Team Penske right now. But regardless of the cause for his failure to run up front, Gordon absolutely can win Saturday night’s race at Bristol. And nothing, besides Earnhardt returning to the seat, would be a bigger shot in the arm for the millions of fans who passionately support the No. 88.

It’s Time To Tweak The Schedule

Think 14 consecutive weekends of racing to close out the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season are too many? Well, NASCAR obviously doesn’t. Otherwise, the schedule wouldn’t be so brutal. It’s high time that NASCAR start thinking a little more about the crew members and hauler drivers who sacrifice so much in family time to be a part of this sport. I don’t care if you’re the biggest NASCAR fan this side of Heaven, the idea of 14 consecutive weekends of racing is absurd. Isn’t this supposed to be fun, after all?