Matt DiBenedetto Is on the Rise with Go Fas Racing

By Joseph Wolkin

With 15 employees, Go Fas Racing is one of the smaller teams in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Led by the combination of Matt DiBenedetto and crew chief Gene Nead, the No. 32 team hopes to continue to grow.

You’ve been having a blast on social media this year. How important is it to interact with fans?

It’s a great way to connect with fans and I just try to be myself. There’s a little bit of personality missing in the sport, and there’s some big voids to fill with guys like Tony Stewart and Dale Jr. leaving. I’m trying to be myself and connect with fans and sponsors. It’s funny because everyone talks about how good of a job I do on social media, but it’s not just me. It’s Ryan [Ellis, former driver], too. Everyone says, ‘oh my gosh, you do such a good job on social media.’ But I don’t do anything special besides be myself.”

What’s your relationship like with team owner Archie St. Hilaire?

“He’s a great guy and hilarious to listen to. He’s from up north and talks fast. He’s the most honest, genuine guy. Everyone has their own reputations for this and that, but I’ve been with this team since the off-season and I haven’t heard one negative comment in the entire garage area about Archie and his son. I couldn’t say enough about them because they’re just good, honest people. Their word is better than any contract I’ve ever signed.”