The Daily Downforce Podcast Network Overview

They Daily Downforce Podcast Network features NASCAR-oriented podcasts from some of the sport’s top Social Media Influencer and Journalists.

Available on the premier podcast platforms, The Daily Downforce Podcast Network produces weekly content that will thrill, infuriate and enthrall all who listen.

The Daily Downforce Podcast Network also provides its partners with a unique opportunity to incorporate dynamic advertising throughout its entire programming package.

NASCAR Weekly Podcast Out of the Groove Podcast Network

NASCAR Weekly Podcast

The NASCAR Weekly Podcast features YouTubers Eric Estepp, Danny B, Jaret Lundberg, and Black Flags Matter every week talking about the top stories and issues in stock car racing. The show has guests from across the NASCAR world, including drivers, TV broadcasters, YouTubers, and even the occasional NASCAR executive!

The Scene Vault Podcast

At The Scene Vault Podcast, we’re all about NASCAR history, all the time. Our interview guests shed new light on their lives and careers each and every week, and hosts Rick Houston and Steve Waid draw on their long careers in and around the sport to provide expert analysis and commentary. New episodes drop every Wednesday at 6 a.m. Eastern.

Power Hour presented by Circle B Diecast

The OOTG Power Hour is a new video podcast hosted every month by YouTuber Eric Estepp and Xfinity Series driver Brennan Poole. Each episode, the two will cover the current events of NASCAR, interview a fan favorite driver, and host a special interactive segment where fans can have their voices heard.

Next Gen Creators

Next Gen Creators is a show all about your favorite NASCAR content creators from YouTube, TikTok, and more. The Daily Downforce’s Joshua Lipowski sits down for an in-depth conversation with some of the most creative and innovative voices making new media in the online NASCAR world.

Zoom Lens

Zoom Lens

Eric and Josh are on a mission to find the best – or worst – racing movies they can. What makes a good racing movie? What are the best movies for fans of real motorsports? They hope to find the answers on the Zoom Lens – racing movies through the eyes of race fans!

Partnership Programming

Podcast Pre-Roll

Our 15-second podcast pre-roll offers sponsors the opportunity to get in front of our listeners before the content gets fired up.

Podcast Mid-Roll

Our 15 or 30-second mid-rolls are surrounded by content. These ads can be served dynamically or presented by the show hosts.

Product Inspired Mid-Roll

Inspired by a specific product or company message, these mid-rolls are custom written and produced by our talent. This type of content can be highly creative and engaging.

Spotlight Mid-Roll

OOTG talent can independently create audio content to be shared on the Podcast Network in a mid-roll format. These can be dynamically served.

Podcast Post-Roll

Our post-rolls are dynamically served after the show.

Show Title Sponsorship

Each episode of all shows can be presented by Presenting Partner. This sponsorship will include organic mentions during the show and ability to have a product or service featured during the show.

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