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A YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers that is dedicated to all things NASCAR. Multiple videos each week analyze all of the top stories from around America’s favorite motorsport!

Out of the Groove
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Eric’s dedicated audience of NASCAR fans click in droves for the latest news


NASCAR fans are some of the most vocal in motorsports, and they love to join in the conversation with Eric


Eric’s skill with editing and production allows him to go beyond your typical influencer vlogger

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Out of the Groove is the No. 1 NASCAR News and Talk Show on YouTube. With fresh episodes produced daily, Eric’s audience — the Groovy Gang — tunes in daily not only to stay up to speed with the sport, but also to be a part of the spirited and fun online conversation.

Out of the Groove consistently delivers the latest stories from around the NASCAR world, including Cup, Xfinity, Trucks, and ARCA. Out of the Groove is the best YouTube series for fans who want to stay in the know!

Clients Who Love Working with Eric

Why are our clients working with Eric Estepp to incorporate Out of the Groove into their next NASCAR campaign?

  • Access to new audiences and demographics
  • Cutting edge, non-traditional content
  • Your brand becomes part of the experience, not just a logo
  • Massive reach and impressions
  • Direct connection to the audience
  • Authentic product placement and promotion

Lectric eBikes

Lectric Ebikes partnered with Out of the Groove to show off their 2023 line of electric bikes. Eric shot a custom video package. This video package showed Eric using the bikes for himself locally in Texas, from trail riding to short commutes to his workout. This footage also reappeared throughout the campaign, allowing Lectric Ebikes to show how their product would be perfect for Eric’s audience.

18.21 Manmade

18.21 Manmade saw Eric’s trademark beard and knew they’d be the perfect fit. In this campaign, Eric demonstrates using the product for himself each time and often drops in anecdotes about which scents he (and his girlfriend!) prefer. The best influencer campaigns let the host show off how they personally use the product, and 18.21 Manmade is now a staple of Eric’s grooming and a season-long supporter of Out of the Groove.

Moonshine & Motorsports

OOTG partnered with the state of North Carolina to produce a multi-episode special series on their Moonshine & Motorsports Trail. Eric vlogged his journey across the state visiting historic sites – including race tracks and museums – to show off what his audience can enjoy on their next vacation. Fans love it when Eric takes his show out of the studio, and there’s no better person to show off these amazing NASCAR sites than the host of Out of the Groove.

Sharable & Actionable Native Content Opportunities

Out of the Groove delivers high quality, engaging content on YouTube and social media every week, providing our partners with shareable content, user acquisition, and robust engagement metrics for their own digital channels and campaigns. These aren’t cold logo placements, Eric incorporates brands directly into the show to ensure that our partners are connecting directly to the audience, and delivering them each a special experience that’s only possible with their support.

Custom Video Episodes

Create shareable content that permanently performs in the algorithm by dedicating an entire episode to your brand, your messaging, and your product.

Native Video Segments

Title sponsorship of a native segment on Out of the Groove puts your brand in the center of the weekly NASCAR conversation online and builds the credibility you need to turn fans into customers

Product Placements

Your product takes the spotlight as Eric incorporates it directly into the content, along with clear messaging and a call to action delivered authentically.

Partner Availability

For full spectrum activation for your NASCAR campaigns, send your drivers or representatives on a tour of the NASCAR YouTube community with availability on Out of the Groove

Actionable Analytics

Incorporate your own tracking links, customized product codes, branded content and more, and get access to reporting on views, demographics, and more for your ROI

Who is Eric Estepp?

The #1 NASCAR content creator on YouTube, Eric Estepp hosts Out of the Groove, a daily talk show covering news and trending topics in the NASCAR fan community. Eric is a major driver of the sport’s online conversation each week. What keeps his audience engaged week-in and -out is his commitment to accuracy, context, and fairness even amidst the raucous, daily social media grind. 

Eric Estepp Out of the Groove NASCAR Pole Position

Total Campaign Activation

Premium Positioning

Engage your brand directly with core NASCAR fans, credibly and organically, and become a part of the trending conversation

Lightning Exposure

Highlight your brand to a massive audience, quickly and authentically

Return on Investment

Convert fans into customers by delivering a direct, powerful and genuine call to action

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