Welcome Amanda Mertiz, the new Miss Coors Light

By Joseph Wolkin

Welcoming Amanda Mertz as the New Miss Coors Light

By Joseph Wolkin

It’s time to start fresh for the Miss Coors Light program. Starting at Richmond, Rachel Rupert will no longer be the face that greets drivers following their pole runs on qualifying day.

Instead, Amanda Mertz, who was Miss Kentucky in 2012, will take over the position that Rupert has held since 2010. Growing up, her father took her to a NASCAR race, and ever since – she has fallen in love with the sport. As she adjusts to her new role, Mertz is set to move to North Carolina next year.

How have you adjusted to life in the NASCAR realm?

“I actually got this position in November. Since then, I started with the first race at Daytona with Rachel, who is the former Miss Coors Light. I have been at every single race since the season first started – just training and getting prepared. Richmond is the very first one where I am in the fire suit by myself, and taking on the role of Miss Coors Light.”

How difficult is it going to be to travel to every race, with a very hectic schedule coming up for the Cup Series?

“That was a big thing in the interview process. They want to make sure they had someone that is willing to travel to every single race and be OK with that. I’m only eight weeks in and I already love going to the different cities. It is really fun to see how different the fans are, and how awesome and enthusiastic they are from different cities. If you are a NASCAR fan, this is a dream job, and I really do have a dream job.”

What can you add to the program that might not be there already?

“We just have different stories. Rachel grew up in NASCAR already, and I grew up with a little different story. I don’t think I was around the track as much when I was younger, so I can’t tell you how excited I get when I get to the track. It’s new but it’s not new. I was a fan, but I am learning so much more than I ever dreamed of knowing about this sport. Going to the races now, I haven’t been to three-quarters of the tracks, I have this extreme excitement.”

Three Things About Mertz

  1. Outside of her work, Mertz likes to work out, hike, spend time on the lake, fish and watch sports. She also had a dog, Gizmo.
  2. Her father took her to her first race as a seven-year-old, when she attended an event at the freshly opened Kentucky Speedway. However, until a Coors Light photo shoot in 2011 at Daytona, she didn’t follow the sport fully, but that changed rapidly.
  3. Growing up, she was a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan. Her father rooted for Dale Earnhardt Sr., and she began